• Do you know how to clean lead?


    Do you know how to clean lead in for example tanks? Lead is a durable and hardwearing metal. Its versatile and can be used in many applications. However it also needs cleaning and maintaining. For this you’ll need a good cleaner, preferably a solvent cleaner. You can use a product like CP Lead Clean from CP Metal Chemicals. The product is made for the removal of hydrocarbons and inhibitor residues and for efficient tank cleaning. For optimal results it’s highly concentrated. It’s free of acids, alkali and phosphates. It doesn’t leave a smell in the cargo tanks either. So it doesn’t negatively affect the environment.

    Safe to use on lead tanks

    CP Lead Clean is safe to use on lead tanks. You can use it on stainless steel tanks and resistant coatings. But how do you use this product to clean lead? You should always use it with some fresh water. It can be injected or recirculated. If you’re doubting about your own application of the cleaner, then just ask the personnel of CP Metal Chemicals. They are a specialist in the tank cleaning sector and know how to clean lead tanks. When buying this solvent cleaner you want to be able to use it as soon as possible of course.

    Stock points all over the world

    In order for you to receive the cleaner quickly, CP Metal Chemicals has several stock points all over the world for fast shipments. The drums contain 200 liters of cleaner. These local inventories allow them to supply you with cleaning products whenever and wherever you need it. The CP Lead Clean is suitable for tanks with epoxy coatings, marine lines, stainless steel and zinc-silicate. So now you know how to clean lead tanks and with what. Just order the drums with the cleaner at CP Metal Chemicals and make sure you can clean the tanks quickly and efficiently.

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