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Inspiration for interior design and office fit-out

In the world of interior design things move quickly. Perhaps not as fast as in information technology or internet marketing but nevertheless not a lot stays the same for years. The world of office interiors and office furniture itself isn’t at the forefront of innovation, however they need to follow the rapid changes in ways of working under the influence of IT and that makes it interesting.

Interior design for the workplace

The rise of the internet generation showed a great change in ways of working. Suddenly we could work everywhere and all the time. Communication and information wasn’t restricted by the boundaries of the office any more and office workers could work from home, a roadside restaurant or from a temporary rented office space. This influenced the office space and the office furniture that in the eyes of flex workers and off site workers suddenly looked totally out of date. These type of workers worked in so many different places and were influenced by the rapid changes in retail design and webdesign that they really were horrified by the box standard and gloomy office interiors of the time. Offices that looked dull and grey didn’t connect to the new generation of collaborative workers to an extend that young graduates didn’t want to work in those places or decided to move on to another employer. So interior design and office interiors are becoming more and more part of the branding of a company and play a key role in the recruitment and retention of key staff.

Office fit out

In this light, interior designers working for office fit out companies like the Scottish Amos Beech need to keep up to date continuously to connect their designs with what staff and their organisations want and that across a great variety of industries.

UK and international design and office interiors shows are ideal to keep up to date with the latest trends and developments. In the UK there are shows like 100% design, the Clerckenwell design week and more closer to home here in Scotland we have DesignPopup and specify. Our more recent trip went to Orgatec in Cologne. You can read more about this trip using the link below.