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Let a professional laboratory conduct a pesticide analysis of your fruit

If you grow food, such as fruit and vegetables, chances are you use pesticides. There is nothing wrong with that and they basically protect your crops from unwanted pests. The problem, however, is that you can easily exceed the levels if you are not very careful. Even if you do not produce the crops yourself but only sell them, for instance, it is your duty to be aware of the use of pesticides at all times. In case of any doubt, we recommend you to rely on a professional lab. Read on and find out why and which specialist we recommend for a pesticide analysis of fruit.

A specialist takes into account the legal framework

The great advantage of working with a specialist for a pesticide analysis of fruit is that the specialist is aware of the strict legal framework concerning the use of pesticides. This means that you can fall back on the tests of the specialist as a supermarket should a problem arise. Other sectors that use a lab include the import and export industry and processing companies. The lab that we always recommend is Primoris. They have a lot of certificates that give their results legal weight and are therefore an excellent choice. In addition, their customer service is excellent.

Be sure to ask questions

If you decide to work with Primoris, you can always ask questions about their working methods. Close cooperation will lead to the best and quickest results. Legislation varies per sector and product, so make sure you clearly state the reason for the pesticide analysis of fruit. This also applies to other substances. Heavy metals should also not exceed certain values. The specialists analyse these as well. A complete list of all substances they examine and test can be found on their website.