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Make your appointment easily at this aeromedical examiner

To become a pilot or to work as part of the cabin crew, you need to be medically tested. This has to be done by a certified aeromedical examiner. At Sky Medical Center, this can be done rather quickly by making an appointment. The aeromedical certificate that follows by completing this health check can be used to start training as a EASA Class 1 or 2 pilot, but also as cabin crew or various other jobs relating to aviation. Of course, this process can be a long and tedious procedure, but at Sky Medical Center, they want to provide you with the necessary documents as fast as possible. This, of course, without losing the quality or validity of the check-up by the aeromedical examiner.

How does it work?

How do you get an appointment with an aeromedical examiner at Sky Medical Center? First of all, you have to provide this centre with your medical details. In aviation, it is particularly important to know the status of your eyesight. Do you wear glasses? Then it is best to send them the particulars about your prescription. Apart from this, you can also give them information about the situation that you are in. Are you starting to learn as a pilot or are you an experienced pilot that needs to get a periodical check-up. If the employees of Sky Medical Center have all this information, they will know what kind of aeromedical examiner you need and at which date and time you are welcome to come.

A fluent process

The aeromedical examination will take up approximately four hours, which includes the examination of your eyesight. It is often possible for the aeromedical examiner to provide you with the necessary certificates on the same day. This means that you will be able to swiftly proceed in working as a pilot or cabin crew or starting your education process.