• Study the effects of pharmaceuticals with toxicologic pathology


    Before releasing new pharmaceuticals onto the market for general use, it is important to test the safety of said pharmaceuticals. That is where the science of toxicologic pathology comes in. A toxicologic pathologist’s role is to assess the safety of chemicals, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals. This is mostly achieved by identifying pathological changes caused by these chemicals and researching whether these changes are relevant. A key part of this is studying the results of animal testing and interpreting their relevance in human application. Proper education, expertise and good decision-making are vital in this. After all, the pathologist needs to consider many factors such as species, anatomy, drug class, organ weight changes and more, when interpreting the results of the safety assessment.

    Why toxicologic pathology is vital

    Any pharmaceutical should undergo thorough safety assessments before being released for general use. A lack of toxicologic pathology testing in the past has led to various disasters, where both humans and the environments have suffered ill effects. Take for example the teratogenic effects of thalidomide which was widely distributed to pregnant women and which caused birth defects in utero. But even today, pharmaceuticals which are already on the market, are sometimes withdrawn when new information regarding their effects comes to light. All this shows that is it vital to ensure the safe use of pharmaceuticals with toxicologic pathology.

    Rely on an expert lab

    Luckily, you can rely on the experts from the Dutch Global Pathology Support lab when it comes to toxicology pathology. This lab specializes in histopathology assessment of toxicity and carcinogenicity studies as well as neuropathology assessments and gross pathology assessments. Their focus lies with products developed for the chemical or pharmaceutical industry and which seek registration. Global Pathology Support works according to the Registration Evaluation and Authorization Chemicals Agreement and complies with the OECD-guidelines, to offer you services that meets the highest quality standards.


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