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Transport your goods efficiently with a double deck trailer

Are you in search of a company that can transport your goods efficiently for an attractive price? Then you should choose a transport company that uses a double deck trailer to transport your cargo. These trucks offer almost double the capacity of a regular trailer, allowing you to transport more goods at the same time. Thanks to the double deck, more of the space in the trailer is being used. This is especially efficient for goods that do not reach the full height of the trailer and that would otherwise leave a lot of space unused.

Cut transportation costs and reduce your impact on the environment

If you would like your goods to be transported with a double deck trailer, Blankers Transport is the company you need. They own a fleet of high-end trucks that are equipped with a hydraulic lift mechanism which allows voluminous goods to be compressed without damaging them. Once the first deck is loaded, it will be lifted to make space for the second deck to be loaded. This way you only need one truck instead of two, which saves you a lot of money on transportation costs. Of course, double deck trailer transport is also better for the environment, since less trucks will be needed for the transportation of your cargo.

Inquire about the possibilities

Are you interested in the innovative mode of transportation that makes use of a double deck trailer? Contact Blankers Transport and inquire about the possibilities. They have a large fleet available and are likely to be able to transport your cargo quickly and efficiently. The experienced employees take great care to ensure the safety of your goods when they are loaded and unloaded. Of course, the transportation is also carried out with great care. Next to that, the trucks are equipped with a route tracking system, which allows you to keep track of your shipment. This way you are always up to date on the whereabouts of your cargo.