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What is electrodeionization via a module and why is it so important?

Purified water is used in various industries. This type of water is essential for washing, procession, fabrication, coolling or transporting a product. Water is required for nearly every step of production across a multitude of different industries. They use water that needs to be cleaned, recycled, filtered, or otherwise professionally treated through various methods of industrial water purification. One of the latest methods of water purification you may have heard of, is called electrodeionization. Electrodeionization is done with a so-called module, realizing a continuous process where the water is constantly purified without interference. Thanks to an electrodeionization module it is possible to remove ionized species from water, making sure it is pure for all kinds of (C)EDI applications.

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With over 20 years of experience in electrodeionization related systems and modules, Deionx is able to help you. Their branch and product knowledge enables them to guarantee and offer you qualitative high-end solutions which meet your expectations at all levels. Deionx is one of the leading manufacturers of electrodeionization modules in Europa and is perfectly able to analyze whether the application and right system are correct for the application you have in mind. Their equipment is used in various industries such as the power industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry to produce process water and water for research and laboratory activities. They distribute a variety of Ultra Pure Water related products, including spares and consumables, directly from their European store.

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Would you like to receive more information about an electrodeionization module they offer? Are you interested in their products or would you like more profound information on the subject? Get in contact with them To gain more profound information on the matter. They can help you find a fitting solution for your water purification needs.