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Why Data Erasure is So Important for Companies

Today, businesses are generating more data than before and at a growing volume. This has been as a result of the rise in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and fast internet connectivity. Data is a very prized commodity to companies. They collect, store and use it to customize their client’s experiences. The rise of digital social culture has led to a paradigm shift of data storage from hard prints to digital form and will be found in hardware equipment like external hard drives, servers and memory disks. That notwithstanding, it can also be a liability since there are risks associated with its storage.

Data protection throughout the lifespan of the hardware equipment has increasingly become a concern. The privacy of your company’s data and that of your clients is very important. If it falls into the hands of the wrong people, it can be misused leading to lack of reputation and credibility of the company. To this end, be it that you are disposing the hardware equipment, selling it or deploying it to a different employee, the data therein should be securely removed to the extent that no confidential and sensitive data can be retrieved from the device. This process is called data erasure.

Data Erasure Vs Data Deletion

Data deletion involves clearing of space to re-use the hardware. The information deleted can, however, be retrieved by IT experts. Data erasure, on the other hand, is the permanent destruction of the data making it unrecoverable. The hardware device can still be used to store other information. Nowadays, companies are using dedicated soft wares to ensure that unwanted data has been removed.

Importance of Data Erasure

Below are some of the reasons why sensitive data should be properly erased.

Adherence to Data Protection Laws

Across the globe, the data protection laws have placed the burden on companies to ensure that the devices bearing sensitive information are well secured. Failure to comply with the laws can lead to data hacks and breaches which attracts litigations. Companies lose huge sums of money when they are taken to court.


Although you might think that doing away with data yourself is economical, you run the risk of data being recovered. The penalties paid as a result of the data breach are huge. Engaging a licensed organization to carry out data erasure is, therefore, the safest way to avoid litigation cases.

Permanent Data Destruction

Bringing on board professional companies specialized in data erasure guarantees permanent removal of data since they use tactics and reliable software that ensure the data is unrecoverable. This gives you the peace of mind as you are certain that the data will not find its way in the wrong hands.

Creating More Space

Keeping custody of data that is no longer needed occupies valuable space. By erasing your data, you create space that can be used to store information.

Building Trust in Your Clients

Your continued success in operation can be due to how well you protect the clients’ data at your disposal. You have high chances of retaining your client base if they know that their data is safe.

Protecting the Company’s Reputation

Improper data disposal can lead to hefty penalties imposed on the company as well as dent the brand’s credibility. If your company doesn’t pride itself in protecting what your clients consider most important, they will be less likely to do business with you. Companies dealing with sensitive and confidential information should invest in hiring an organization that offers effective data erasing services. This will ensure that their data protection and disposal processes are compliant with the legal requirements, thus eliminating the risk of data breach.